Outsourcing of warehousing?

For more and more companies this question is worth taking into consideration. Having no stock at all will, however, remain an unattainable aim for most companies, but committing any stock keeping to an external logistics-service-provider could be a most valuable decision.

Outsourcing of warehousing and dispatching?
Outsourcing this business area (e.g. promotional material) could effectively contribute to the reduction in expenses and workload and keep further investments on a low level, whether partially or completely.

You are planning a mailorder business /online-shop?
You are looking for a fulfillment-partner in Germany?
You have reached the capacity limit in your warehouse and/or dispatch department?

Our business

Our logistics company, located in Geretsried, is synonymous with top-notch services in the world of logistics. With years of experience and a highly qualified team, we provide tailored solutions for your transportation and storage needs.


Our wide range of services includes international freight transport, warehousing, distribution, and efficient supply chain management consultancy. Our state-of-the-art fleet and sophisticated route planning system ensure timely and cost-effective deliveries that meet your requirements.


We prioritize innovation and sustainability by integrating eco-friendly technologies into our operations. This not only reduces our ecological footprint but also contributes to cost savings, which we are pleased to pass on to our customers.

Even if the volume of orders is not high as of yet, or you only need to perform periodic dispatch campaigns
Profit from our low special freight-rates and our long experience in logistics!

You do not have to choose a major logistics-company to save time and money. Our focus is not mass business, but an individual and efficient service to our clients!

Forwarding agency Partner


Organic Certification

In December 2017, the organic certification according to EC Organic Regulation for storage and picking of food and feed by the ÖkoP Certification GmbH.

Introduction of a quality management

Im Dezember 2017 erfolgt die Bio-Zertifizierung nach EG-Öko-Verordnung für Lagerung und Kommissionierung von Lebens- und Futtermittel durch die ÖkoP Zertifizierungs GmbH.